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My New Beginning is a beautiful, upscale sober living that provides a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for women at any stage of their recovery from chemical dependency and/or mental health disorders.
Comfortable living environment in a safe and structured sober living

Our purpose at My New Beginning is to help women build a foundation for their recovery in a safe, structured, and compassionate environment. Every woman is special and unique, so we work to tailor a plan, specifically for them, to assist in their long term growth and recovery.

My New Beginning provides a nurturing place for women to connect with others in the recovery community and we encourage our residents to build relationships and friendships that will support them as they begin to grow and discover their incredible talents and abilities. We also help them as they begin to repair damaged relationships with loved ones, encouraging them in the process. We respect that everyone's journey is different and we work with each woman individually to find what works best for them and we give them the time necessary to build the confidence in their own ability to reclaim and enrich their lives.

My New Beginning's structure is set up for success. Residents are accountable for their daily activities; attend 12 step meetings (or other recovery based meetings), morning meditation, and house meetings and dinners. Random drug and alcohol testing ensures a substance free environment. My New Beginning is a community for women at any stage of their recovery from drugs, alcohol, and other mental health disorders.

For more information call Wendy Rudin at (310)871-0465 or email is a member of the Sober Living Coalition Member of the Sober Living Coalition since 2008

We are  a member of the Women's Member of WAAT (Women's Association for Addiction Treatment)

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